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LGPA is working with several councils on lobby programmes in the following areas:

Accuracy of council population estimates
Social care funding
Local Government finance
Social cohesion
Preparations for the 2011 census
Regeneration and planning
Preventing violent extremism
Heathrow expansion

Our services

Public Affairs:
Our unrivalled knowledge of local government and extensive public affairs experience means we understand the concerns of councils and can effectively influence policy for them.

Local government engagement:
We know how local government operates and can give private sector clients expert advice about how to engage councils in the most productive way to meet their business goals.

Issues monitoring:
We provide detailed monitoring of local government issues, identifying the key people to influence and track media interest in order to keep clients fully informed, forewarned and able to tailor strategy accordingly.

Our partnership with leading research organisations means we can develop convincing lobby positions.

Media relations:
Over 10 years of local government public relations expertise means we know the right people in the most effective media outlets to speak to about our clients' lobby issues. We work closely with clients to position their causes in the public arena at a pitch that will deliver the right results.

Stakeholder engagement:
We have extensive experience engaging stakeholders, enlisting support from influential local, regional and national organisations.

Grant applications:
With our knowledge of the local government finance system we are ideally placed to advise clients how to maximise returns from their lobby campaigns. From bidding for specific grants to positioning clients as pilot authorities we have the local government knowledge to help.

Model of influence:
We use a simple but effective lobby model to create strategies that work.
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